How many hours are your brooms achieving in curb and gutter sweeping?

You can see below that Whart Hog Brooms have a greater sweep time average than segmented brooms.
30″ Standard Whart Hog broom averages 120 hours sweep time
30” Super Whart Hog broomaverages170 hours sweep time.
36″ Standard Whart Hog broom averages 150 hours sweep time.
36” Super Whart Hog broom averages 200+ hours sweep time.
44″ Standard Whart Hog Broom averages 150 hours sweep time.
44” Super Whart Hog broom averages 200+ hours sweep time.

Why use a steel-backed broom verses a plastic-backed broom?

Whart Hog Brooms, Inc. manufactures the steel-backed broom for its strength and durability. If our broom is impacted and bent, it can be straightened and you can continue to use the broom. Plastic or plywood backs can shatter upon impact thus requiring the broom to be changed. Also, Whart Hog Brooms are the only fully recyclable broom made and should be recycled not disposed of in the Land Fill.

What is the value in using a steel-backed broom?

The value lies in the fact that our brooms are achieving up to 150 hours of sweep time. This is due to the increased wire pitch angle to 35 degrees. Our brooms are easier, faster and safer for the operator/mechanic to change, saving you time and money.

How well does your broom sweep?

Whart Hog brooms have a higher degree of sweep capability compared to industry standard brooms. The wire is set in the backer at a 35 degree angle instead of the 20 degree angle of standard brooms. The additional wire angle requires less down-force to achieve sweep, and flick to get the dirt to your pickup head. Less down-force means longer broom life. Also, the increased angle of the wire allows the brush to have more flair for a better foot print.

I have a problem with being to close to the curb when cornering?

Our Whart Hog brooms will help stop this problem. The design of our brooms increases the foot diameter of the broom. A standard 36 inch broom replaced by our broom will have a 40 inch foot diameter. The four inch increase in broom foot diameter will help to stand the sweeper an additional two inches off the curbing.

How will your broom help with compacted dirt in curbing?

Our Whart Hog brooms will help solve this problem. The additional wire angle gets the brush wire deeper into the curb for better sweep capability. In addition, the brush wire is splayed at the ends to give you the ability to reach further into the curb.

Will your broom help stop pick up head impact when cornering?

YES !! The larger broom foot diameter of Whart Hog brooms will stand your sweeper farther off curbing and obstacles. This will help to keep your pickup head from impacting curbing or obstacles when cornering.

How easy is it to mount and dismount your brooms on the machine?

Our brooms are very easy to mount or dismount on your machine compared to segmented brooms. Below are instructions to mount a Whart Hog.
After your segmented broom has been removed, proceed as follows:
1)Leave the spinner out and in the down or sweep position.
2)Slide our broom under the spinner (with spacers on).
3)Align a bolt with the hole that is facing towards the front of the machine.
4)Let the spinner drop down so the bolt comes up through the mounting hole.
5)Start your nut and washer. Do not tighten the nut.
6)Raise the opposite side of the broom and start a nut and washer. Do not tighten the nut.
7)Start the remaining nuts and washers.
8)Secure all nuts to a minimum of 50 foot pounds of torque or until they are tight.
9)Your broom is now mounted.
Mounting nuts are easily accessible on top of the spinner and not exposed to elements that would corrode the threads. Plastic-back brooms, with the mounting nut in the plastic, can spin requiring a torch to remove the bolt. Our bolts are welded onto the backer.

Our brooms have half the fasteners of segmented brooms. An 8 bolt segment broom is replaced by our 4 bolt mount broom. A 9 bolt segment broom is replaced by our 3 bolt mount broom.

Wood backed brooms require the operator to either reach behind or underneath the broom segments to remove fasteners for broom changes. This creates a safety issue for the operator by being cut by the sharp broom wire ends. Our broom alleviates this problem.

How much money can be saved by using your brooms?

The additional sweep time that our broom affords could help you substantially reduce your broom budget. Also, our brooms are easier and faster to change. They can be done in as little as 1/5 the time of a segment broom. This is real labor saving dollars.Additional savings come from our fastening system where you never having to use a torch to remove corroded fasteners. Nuts and threads are on top of the spinner which stops corrosion problems.